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BL860c I2 & EVA6000

Adrian Graham_1
Regular Advisor

BL860c I2 & EVA6000

Hi folks,


I think I'm going nuts here. In the lab I have a C3000 Shorty with a single BL680c connected to an EVA6000 via a Brocade 4/24 switch in bay 4. The switch is zoned with a single zone containing:


CVEVA management PC

EVA FP2 on both controllers

Port 2 on the BL860c (QMH2532 installed in Mezz3)


On the EVA I add the BL host and can see the WWID of port 2 in the dropdown box.

Create 2 VMS vdisks (OS id 101 and 102) and present to the BL host.


This is where the problems start. I read that the OVMS 8.4 install DVD will simply find my LUNS and let me choose them, but I see no $1$DGAxxx devices. This led me deeper into the EFI and the need to do these commands:


vms_bcfg boot fibre 1

reconnect -r

map -r


Still no LUNs. Boot the IPF ODE to get the efiutil utility in \efi\hp\tools\io_cards\fc8 and select adapter 1.


I can see the EVA controllers but not the LUNs. Any clues? All firmware is latest as per, the switch is running FabOS 6.1.0c





Adrian Graham_1
Regular Advisor

Re: BL860c I2 & EVA6000

Forget it, discovered the cache batteries had failed on the EVA controllers which prevents new vdisk presentation despite CVEVA letting me do it!


Nice to know I wasn't doing anything stupid :)