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BL860c Integrity Blade Mainboard replacement

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BL860c Integrity Blade Mainboard replacement

The mainboard died on this Integrity blade and
after replacing the mainboard I cannot boot into windows as the efi shell doesn’t have any entries in there and they were removed by the system on the first boot of the replaced mainboard.

The error I get if I try to run the boot from file option is as follows.

Windows could not start because there was an error reading the boot settings from NVRAM. Please check your firmware settings. You may need to restore your NVRAM settings from a backup.

The file is located in the following location when using Drive explorer-
FS0, EFI, Microsoft, winnt50, ia64ldr.efi.

How do I recreate the efi entries?? As they dont appear in the EFI Shell anymore but the files are still there when i use Drive explorer to check.
Please assist.
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Re: BL860c Integrity Blade Mainboard replacement

Should help:

Hope this helps!

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kris rombauts
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Re: BL860c Integrity Blade Mainboard replacement

Look at page 15 of the pdf document that was referenced by Torsten.

Assuming fs1: is you EFI partition here, if not, substitute it by fs0: i.e.

- first go to fs1:\efi\microsoft\winnt50 and perform a 'dir' or 'ls' command to find the name of the bootfile (i.e. boot0004)
- if you don't see any file run the 'attrib' command to see all hidden files also.
- start the 'nvrboot' utility in fs1:\msutil
- choose the I option (import)
- provide the path to the boot file i.e. efi\microsoft\winnt50\"bootfilename"
- quit nvrboot utility

The Windows boot entry should now be added but will be at the bottom of the list. Use the boot option maintenance menu config to bring it at the top again.

Try to boot, if it still fails then the boot file that was once saved does not match with the configuration that is now present and it is best to open a support call with HP to fix this.



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Re: BL860c Integrity Blade Mainboard replacement

Thanks for the response guys, I managed to resolve the problems by following a previous article which was misleading due to the \ and / being in reverse when trying to add it to the entry and move it up. I have given you both equal points anyways for showing the correct article(s) that resolves the issue which i faced. I was too lazy to update and as it was a holiday I was more in the holiday mood...
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Re: BL860c Integrity Blade Mainboard replacement

As mentioned above I have resolved the issue.