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BL860c with Win2003 loses console video

Peter Knox
Occasional Visitor

BL860c with Win2003 loses console video

I have installed Windows 2003 twice on a BL860 through the Integrated Remote Console only to then lose the video signal when I install the proper driver. I downloaded the Integrity Support Pack 6.10 iso and presented it via Virtual Media.

Both times I've installed the video driver Windows wants to reboot and when it does Integrated Remote Console video goes away soon after Windows starts booting.

I know the OS is up because I can get to a SAC> prompt from a telnet session but I cannot do much from there.
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: BL860c with Win2003 loses console video


not seen this problem before.

What do you see if you physically connect a VGA monitor to the SUV cable you can insert in the front of the blade ?
Does it also show a black screen then ?

I assume you can access the server via remote desktop, correct ?

Any error messages in the Windows System.evt log file that indicate an issue with the video after it has completed the boot ?
Does the video controller show up normal in the Windows device manager ?

What is the system firmware version on the blade ?

Peter Knox
Occasional Visitor

Re: BL860c with Win2003 loses console video

I found that the console setting in the EFI shell had VGA set to primary. When I changed the setting to secondary it worked. What I find strange is that it was outputting video before the driver was installed but then it output nothing once it was installed....