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BMC System Event Log (SEL) is full

Bernier Alain
Occasional Visitor

BMC System Event Log (SEL) is full

I work on a Unix machine "9000/785/C8000"

In /var/tombstones I found the Warning "The BMC System Event Log (SEL) is full.".

I would like to know how I can reset the system event log. And Why this file become full.

Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: BMC System Event Log (SEL) is full


usualy this message is seen on a system that has a management platform card, and can be cleared by logging into the MP.

The C8000 doesnt have this as far as i know, so i think you must be running linux possibly?

if so check this link on how to clear it.

I would also check in the syslog and other logs to see what the errors are likely to mean, it could be a configuration problem but caould also be a hardware warning/problem.


Honored Contributor

Re: BMC System Event Log (SEL) is full


The message is a basically given by BCH. BCH does interact with BMC to get its log and port status since there is no MP in the system. BMC interface could be accessed directly through serial port as well.

Refer the following document (pages 2-8 & 4-12)

I guess there is defined space allocated in BMC board for storing its event log entries. Once it is full, this warning message would be displayed during bootup. You can see this warning in BCH -> Warning command as well.

Before clearing the log, it is recommended to capture all entries and archived. Check all entries for any abnormality etc. The SEL could be emptied using
BCH -> clearlogs command.