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Boot alternate from EFI Boot Manager

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Boot alternate from EFI Boot Manager


We have installed a plateform with HP-UX 11.23 on an rx4640 Integrity Server.

Then, we perform all the steps describe Appendix of document "When Good Disks Go Bad: Dealing with Disk Failures under LVM" to mirror the root volume.
each step was successfully performed.

Then we expect to boot from the mirror disk defined as the alternate path to check the installation.

To do so, we reset the system and interrupt the boot sequence from the EFI Boot Manager menu. Then we select the "HP-UX Alternate Boot" option to start the sytem but it send an error message that it fails with no other information.

Then we select the "EFI Shell [Built-In]" option to perform the same operation from the shell.
After changing to the correct fs (fs1:), we launch the command "hpux" which automatically starts our system with the correct parameters.
After that everything works fine.

We don't understand what information is missing to correctly start from the HP-UX Alternate Boot" option.


Mridul Shrivastava
Honored Contributor

Re: Boot alternate from EFI Boot Manager

After u set alternate boot disk u have to add the boot option again as that has some ACPI header information and if we do something ( like setboot, mkboot & lvlnboot commands) then that ACPI header changes so we have to add that again. I also faced the same issue once.
U just add that boot option again using alternate disk.
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