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Buying HP -UX 11i v3 BOE for RX4640

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Buying HP -UX 11i v3 BOE for RX4640


I bought an old server hp rx4640 for 160$ on the online auction, but I do not have the cd with the operating system for it.

I found the information that I need HPE HP -UX 11i v3, BOE, but I how no idea how the licensing works.
I was thinking about buying HPE HP -UX 11i v3, BOE, E-LTU from lambda-tek, but they have so many versions of HP-UX.

£212.86 - It isn't a too expensive product for me, and I can buy it. 
However, they have more pricy versions of HPE HP -UX 11i v3, BOE on their website, and that could be more problematic. 

I read that It depends on the number of cores in my computer, and then I have to choose what kind of version HP-UX can I install on this server.

Can you explain what kind of version of HP-UX BOE do I need for this computer?

I would like to learn about HP-UX at home, so I am interested to find the cheap and the most basic version of HP-UX. Any ideas?


Re: Buying HP -UX 11i v3 BOE for RX4640


HPUX 11.31 available with 4 different OEs (Operating envirements), 

BOE( Base Opearing enviorement) ,  HA-OE( High Availability  Opearing enviorement) , VSE-OE (Virtual Server-Opearing enviorement &  DC-OE (Data Center-Opearing enviorement) 


which will guide through the differeneces of each OE.

So  ofcourse the chepest will be the BaseOE, as it doesn't have any advaced feature products like Mirror-UX, Online-JFS etc.

You can install any release of HPUX 11.31 BaseOE on this server considering all the required/latest FW is updated on the server.

Ref:  HPUX Support Matrix

Ref:  rx4640 Quick Spec can read at 

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Re: Buying HP -UX 11i v3 BOE for RX4640

Thank you for the answer.

I bought HP -UX 11i v3, BOE from