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Can't get console access on rx4640

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Can't get console access on rx4640

Hi all,

I can't seem to have console access either through MP LAN (via telnet) or via the console serial port. I can get in to the MP menu but when I type "CO", the screen just hangs...seems that the tty session for the console is hanging. I can get back to the MP by entering the ctrl-b.

The rx4640 server is running on hp-ux 11.23.

The last guy who noticed the problem said that the last displayed data on screen is that data is coming to fast.

Rebooting the server and ressetting the MP does not work.

Any ideas what to do?

Thanks in advance.

Honored Contributor

Re: Can't get console access on rx4640

Hi Ken,
can you enter in CM (Command menu)?
If you can, type CA command (Configure Asynch) then type D (Display) and look at your serial configuration.

Antonio Maria Vigliotti
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Re: Can't get console access on rx4640

Yes I can get through MP CM both via the MP LAN or serial console. When I display the Serial port settings via CA, D commands, it is exactly the same as that of another identical system.

It seems that I cannot type anything through the console or stdin is not directed to the console.

From a telnet session into the server, when I do the following:

#ll > /dev/console

the list is being deisplayed in the console.

Any ideas where the problem lies? The last console message was:

INIT: Command is respawning too rapidly.
Will try again in 5 minutes.
Check for possible errors.

Thanks in advance for any assistance,
Frequent Advisor

Re: Can't get console access on rx4640

Problem solved.

From another thread, it was stated to check if /usr/sbin/getty was running.

/usr/sbin/getty was not running so I executed
"/usr/sbin/getty console console" and I now have write access into the console.