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Cannot install hpux 11v3 on bl860c


Cannot install hpux 11v3 on bl860c

Hi everyone,

I'm installing HP-UX 11iv3 VSOE on 4 bl860c integrity blade servers, I just finish to install two of them without any complication, but on the third and fourth i have an error and i receive a message to scan te I/O device

* Preparing to execute init...
======= 11/23/09 14:34:44 EST HP-UX Installation Initialization.
@(#)Ignite-UX Revision C.7.8.201
@(#)ignite/launch (opt) Revision:
/branches/IUX_RA0903/ignite/src@76987 Last Modified: 2009-02-05
15:45:55 -0700 (Thu, 05 Feb 2009)
* Configuring RAM filesystems...
* No SAS disk/LUN swaps required, already in physical location order.
* Scanning system for IO devices...
* Boot device is:
WARNING: Could not find Q_BOOT device. Cannot determine what the boot device
WARNING: Could not find source device in ioscan output. You must select from
the list of devices below to use for the source device:
index HW-path Class description
0) 0/0/2/0 usb NEC_OHCI_Controller
1) 0/0/2/1 usb NEC_OHCI_Controller
2) 0/0/2/2 usb NEC_EHCI_Controller
3) 0/0/4/0 graphics PCI_Display_(1002515e)
4) 0/1/1/0 lan HP_PCI-X_1000Mbps_Dual-port_Built-in
5) 0/1/1/1 lan HP_PCI-X_1000Mbps_Dual-port_Built-in
6) 0/2/1/0 escsi_ctlr HP_PCI/PCI-X_SAS_MPT_Adapter
7) 0/2/1/0.0x5409751e4cfa8f7.0x0 disk HP_IR_Volume
8) 0/2/2/0 lan HP_PCI-X_1000Mbps_Dual-port_Built-in
9) 0/2/2/1 lan HP_PCI-X_1000Mbps_Dual-port_Built-in
10) 0/4/0/0/0/0 fc HP_4Gb_Dual_Port_PCIe_Fibre_Channel_Mezzanine_(FC_Port_1)
11) 0/4/0/0/0/1 fc HP_4Gb_Dual_Port_PCIe_Fibre_Channel_Mezzanine_(FC_Port_2)
12) 120 processor Processor
13) 122 processor Processor
14) 124 processor Processor
15) 125 processor Processor
16) 64000/0x0/0x0 escsi_ctlr USB_Mass_Storage_Virt_Ctlr

Enter the index corresponding to the device to use
as the installation source, 'r' to rescan, or 'q' to reboot:

The installation is made with the media attached by USB DVD-ROM

Does anyone have a clue on this,

Thanks in advance,


Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Cannot install hpux 11v3 on bl860c

Try a rescan (r), otherwise select
16) 64000/0x0/0x0 escsi_ctlr USB_Mass_Storage_Virt_Ctlr

and try.

Hope this helps!

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