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Configure PC as a console terminal.

B Wade Moll
Frequent Advisor

Configure PC as a console terminal.

I have to new HP servers that aren't connected to an ILO and I need to ignite them with a boot tape I created.

I obtained a copy of ReflectionX as well as a USB to serial adapter for my laptop.

On the back of the RS6000s there is a serial console connection that I can attach a serial cable to as well as the COMM port on my PC.

What settings are necessary in order to make a console connection to the RS6000 so I can boot off the tape (yes I understand how to go into the BIOS and create a SCSI Tape boot)...

Thank you for your assistance :)




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Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Configure PC as a console terminal.

Assuming that "RS6000" is really some HP
hardware and not "RS/6000" (an IBM OS), I'd
guess the usual: 9600b/s, 8 data bits, one
stop bit, no parity, XOFF/XON flow control.

Or else I'd read the Operations and
Maintenance Guide for the system, whatever it
is, and look for "terminal".
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Configure PC as a console terminal.

Reflection/X is the wrong product. Like all Xwindows emulators, a remote system must create and draw all the graphic images. For Ignite restoration, there is no system and thus, no GUI. However, Reflection/X should have a terminal emulator bundled in along with an ftp program. If you have a really, really old version (like ver. 3,4 or 5), the program name may be rwin2.exe or it may have an icon installed in the program folder.

If you have a choice of Reflection products, get the terminal emulator Reflection for UNIX. Or you can use free emulators such as Putty or even the Windows product Hyperterminal. However, depending on the serial/USB converter, the emulator may not accommodate the COM port presented by the adapter.

Be aware there are two serial cables, a straight through used for modems (will not work), and crossover cable which connects two computers together. Crossover is also known as a printer or null-modem cable.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin

Re: Configure PC as a console terminal.

I have done this many times. Use a "null" modem cable attached to your serial port on the server and to the serial port on the PC.
Then all you need is a hyperterminal session which is free software on Windows under Programs -> accessories -> communications.
Set it to use COM1
9600 bits/sec ... 8 - data bits ... none parity ... 1 stop bit ... flow none
Set the settings tab ... use terminal keys and set emulation to VT100J.
Hit return a couple times and make sure your scroll lock is OFF (if it's ON -- you wont think you have a connection). I think Reflections will just complicate things, as might the USB cable.
If this and the other suggestions help, don't forget a few points for all of us.