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Configuring MP on RX2600


Configuring MP on RX2600


I`ve to configure the IP of the MP but I cannot log into the MP (The MP was never configured). CTRL-B from console does not work. Does somebody have a detailed description how to access the MP via laptop and the console connector? (Which Cable to use, how to set up terminal etc). I know how to set the IP if I`m logged in but I don`t get a connection to the MP

Thanks in advance

Erik van Dalen
Occasional Visitor

Re: Configuring MP on RX2600

Hi Andreas,

Just connect a null modem cable from your laptop's com1 port to the console port of the server.
Open a hyperterminal connection with the next terminal settings:

baud rate : 9600
Data bits : 8
Parity : none
Stop bits : 1
Flow Controle: none

This should garantee a connection to the console port. Hit the space bar a few times to wake up the terminal and you are up and running.

Good luck.

Re: Configuring MP on RX2600

Hi Erik,

finally I made it. I had the wrong cable (this was the main reason) but your input also helped me.

Best Regards