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Configuring RX2660 Motherboard

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Paul Aitkenhead
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Configuring RX2660 Motherboard

HP technicians have been working to restore an RX2660 system by replacing the motherboard. We've been told the motherboard must be configured as a post-instation task, and a PC is needed for this. It is hard for us to provde a PC because the diabled RX2660 is classified by DSS and we cannot connect just anything to it. Does it really have to be a PC? Woudn't a dumb VT100 terminal do?
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Re: Configuring RX2660 Motherboard

A VT100 terminal as a serial console is good enough to configure the data for the replacement motherboard. HP technicias need to use some terminal emulator to access the serial console port with a PC. It is same as using a VT100 terminal.
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Re: Configuring RX2660 Motherboard

Most settings will be transferred automatically, but these must be checked and the date and boot pathes must be configured.

The PC or dumb terminal will be connected to the serial port as a console; that's all.

Hope this helps!

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