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Cooling Fan problem, urgent help needed!

Occasional Contributor

Cooling Fan problem, urgent help needed!


First I should confess i did something wrong to the hardware, i tried to replace the four cooling fans in rx1600 with some other brand name fans in order to reduce the noise and failed. And then when i switched those original fans back, something wrong happened and i believe one of fans burned as well as the circuit to supply the power of cpu cooling fan. The LED will indicate the cpu cooling fan problem when the system boot. So i replaced all the fans with exactly the same models and no success. Still the same error message. So i used the tools to detect the voltage of the power supply for the cpu cooling fan(fan 3) and memory cooling fan(fan 2) and found the voltage of fan 3 is always 5V, which should be 12V. I can also feel the wind of fan 3 is much weaker than fan 2.

My question is:
is there any way that i can solve this fan speed detection problem without replacing the whole system base unit? either by bypassing the test or some other ways? A second hand base unit hard to find and very expensive, even higher than the price of this machine. But i am pretty sure other parts working well, it contains one CPU and 5.5G Memory and 36G+73G disk, i really don't want to sell it as parts because they are all brand new.