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DL590/64 5300 Raid Controller

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A Lawson
Occasional Contributor

DL590/64 5300 Raid Controller

Hi all,
new to this forum and am looking for help if possible. Just acquired a new DL590/64 without the server support CD (can't find one anywhere to buy or borrow...any help out there for this?...anyway, new to this EFI routine but was able to get win2k3-64 loaded OK using the on-board array controller. Wanted Ultra-3 so installed a 5300 dual channel controller, replaced the SCSI jumper board with a array bypass kit from an 8500 series (it fit but not sure if the right one or not since I have no documentation). Upon booting, array controller boots configuration seen and updated but then, won't boot any more. OS loader complains it can't find OS. I even re-arranged the boot controller priority to the 5300 from the on-board..tried luck. I even tried to reload OS on a new drive starting with the 5300 in but win2k3 setup complains it can't format the drive. Is there an EFI driver I'm missing?..any ideas?..thanks...would prob be OK if I had some documentation but Compaq seems to have abandoned this model and thrown it on the scrap heap along with support and downloads...thanks again..
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: DL590/64 5300 Raid Controller

SW as ISO free for download

User Guide, drivers & ...〈=en&cc=us

For 5300 Controller Use Slot #2

Bypass Board with Cable

actual Board

all downloads

Run erase utility Access to F8 configures Boot Order and Array configuration, Verify Latest system ROM and Firmware for 5300 controllers 3.54.
Try either Manual Install or assisted without F8
SCSI Driver for Manual Install with F6

A Lawson
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL590/64 5300 Raid Controller

BINGO....I knew someone here had the answers and would be willing to take the time to help me. Hopefully, I can help soemone else in the future. Just one issue though, your reference to the free ISO downloads is great but according to the server support matrix, the DL590/64 is not supported by any of the smart start CD's..evidently it has one all by itself?.......Thanks so much..