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Differential SCSI on rx server

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Differential SCSI on rx server

I would like to know if you can hook a 12H array on a Itanium server i.e. the A4800A HBA if this is not supported what HBA can I use that would be supported to connect this array up
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Re: Differential SCSI on rx server


According to HP PartSurfer A4800A seems to works only with HP9000 servers.

If you tell me the model of your itanium server I could tell you a reference for a FWD card...

Stf ;-)
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Differential SCSI on rx server

12H is a SCSI device.

It might be LVD Low Voltage Density
It might be SE Single ended.

isocan -fnC external_bus

If the device requires SE and you have an SE card installed hang it off that. Same thing for LVD.

If you have neither, you're going to need a SCSI card.

Might want to read this post concerning hba

This post seems to indicate that the 12H device is a SE SCSI device. You may need an SE SCSI card to make this work. Although the prior post indicates you may be able to do this off an HBA.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Differential SCSI on rx server

the server is a rx2600
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Re: Differential SCSI on rx server

ok i don't know why it doesn't work so see attached file

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Re: Differential SCSI on rx server

The answer may be "NO"

Pls refer the following link which talks about HP 9000 and HP Integrity Server-Storage Support Matrices.

From the link, HP is not supporting Autoraid 12H on rx2600 servers.

- Krishna
Stefan Stechemesser
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Re: Differential SCSI on rx server


you cannot attach the Autoraid directly on the rx2600. There is no High Voltage Differential (HVD) SCSI Controller supported on this machine (and HVD is not supported on HPUX 11.23). The Autoraid has only HVD SCSI controllers and the rx2600 has only Low Voltage Differential (LVD) controllers (which can also run in SE mode).
The only way to connect it would be to use a fibrechannel card and a fibre channel - SCSI bridge (HVD) but this may be a little bit expensive in relation to the cost of the rest of the hardware.
A LVD-HVD SCSI converter should also work, but HP does not support it.

best regards