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Disable fastboot from MP not EFI


Disable fastboot from MP not EFI

Hello all,

I have a server in a remote location and it has a couple of failed fans which are preventing it from booting even to the point of the EFI shell.

We are trying to decommission the server so I'm not really worried about it's long term health.

What I want to do is enable fastboot so I can get the system up long enough to wipe some data but because of the fan state I can neither get to the OS or EFI to turn fastboot on.

Does anyone know of a way to turn on fast boot from the MP without going into the console (CO option) and interacting with either the OS Or EFI?





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Re: Disable fastboot from MP not EFI

No, the fastboot and selftest options are accessible from the EFI Shell only.   I am not sure this would help you anyways as the firmware will detect the cooling issue and shutdown the server faster than you would be able to boot the OS (fastboot limits the amount of memory being tested and has nothing to do with the speed of the OS booting up).


Your best bet might be to try and replace one of those fans or have someone move the disk into another server so you can format over it and wipe the data that way.




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Re: Disable fastboot from MP not EFI



I agree with Robert,


You can find the following command in EFI Shell only not in MP:


EFI Shell command : autoboot
BCH command equivalent : FastBoot
BCH command parameters : [ON|OFF]or [test] [RUN|SKIP]
Definition : Display or set boot tests execution




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