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Disk Imaging


Disk Imaging

This question may not be specific to Integrity, and generalized to Itanium -- however there may be a good rx2660 specific solution.

For testing purposes, we have images of OS's on DVDs. We use Terrabyte Image-For-DOS to do this for us on non-Itanium machines. It works great. Unfortunately there is no Itanium build of this, nor is one planned.

I am not looking for virtualization solution. Basically, I install a clean build of the OS - trash it during testing, and need to revert back to a clean state (or a different OS) when done.

I currently have Windows Server 2003 installed on a P400 RAID-0. Are there any good solutions to create a disk image of the volume, from EFI, a DVD, or whatever, and be able to reinstall that image?

We currently place our images from other platforms on a USB drive and Terrabyte IFD can create and install images on the USB drive. A similar solution would be awesome.

Is there anything out there which will work well?