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E.02.29 MP firmware for a rx1600

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E.02.29 MP firmware for a rx1600

I'm beginning to get desperate and need some help...

I've got a rx1600 running B.11.23.

The sysrev output is:

MP FW : E.02.26
BMC FW : 02.26
EFI FW : 01.10
System FW : 01.10

My target firmware revisions are:

MP FW : E.03.30
BMC FW : 04.01
EFI FW : 05.48
System FW : 04.27

System info:

Product ID : ia64 hp server rx1600
Current Product Number : A9901A
Original Product Number : N/A
System Firmware Revision : 01.10
BMC Revision : v02.26
System Serial Number: : USE44167PV

ID: 0x06 FRU Name: MP Board
Mfg Date/Time: 0
Manufacturer : hp
Product Name : management processor card
S/N : 40CTNGH1S2
Part Number : A7231-66580
FRU File ID : 10

I need to upgrade the system firmware to what is current and was able to download the latest firmware in the form of an ISO ( PF_CONYXSYS0427.iso . This is a bootable CD image to do the FW upgrade offline but, there is a gateway version of the MP firmware that I have to pass through ( E.02.29 ) to get there.

I have attempted to upgrade the MP firmware to E.02.29 with patch PHSS_30680. The patch came ready and installed with no errors or warnings, however, no action was taken on upgrading the firmware. So basically, the patch did not work.

What I'm looking for is what the name of the bootable ISO image for firmware version E.02.29 is and where can I download it from for the version that contains E.02.29 (my gateway version)or the binary file that I can ftp into the MP using the FW command from CM.

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. My phone number is (770)884-1285 if you want to talk with me about it.
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Re: E.02.29 MP firmware for a rx1600

here you are:

from here

Hope this helps!

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