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EFI Shell

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EFI Shell

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3

In simple prompt I can send the output of a command to a text file (Example: ls -l > output.txt)

How can I do the same in EFI Shell?
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Re: EFI Shell

I have tried with following errors.

Shell> errdump mca > errdump_mca.log
Could not open output file errdump_mca.log
Exit status code: Invalid Parameter
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Re: EFI Shell

You must change to a disk.

You are still in the firmware


Shell> fs0:

(or another existing disk)

fs0> your_command > output file

Hope this helps!

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Re: EFI Shell

I'm not in a spot where I can look at the EFI shell to verify the following, but here is what Intel claims for EFI I/O redirection syntax:

cmd > unicode.log
cmd >a ascii.log
cmd 1> unitcode.log
cmd 1>a ascii.log
cmd 2> unicode_stder.log
cmd 2>a ascii_stderr.log
cmd >> unicode_append.log
cmd >>a ascii_append.log
cmd 1>> unicode_append.log
cmd 1>>a ascii_append.log

Try a few commands other than errdump, on the off chance that errdump isn't playing by the rules. (It looks like it might not be, based on the error message.)

Most folks tend to capture the error log using a serial-line capture; a capture from the terminal emulator. Or from the error log, if that's available and loading up messages from the EFI level. (But if you're looking at the error log, you also might not be booting.)

Stephen Hoffman