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EFI file fetching

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Muhammad Shamroze
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EFI file fetching

Im using RX 2660 and I want to run a command on efi shell that is as follows

Shell> errdump mca 'filename'

here filename is any file name.

so i need to know how can i fetch this file from efi and where it will save this file?
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Re: EFI file fetching

The mca text data is captured to a file using
shell> fs0:
fs0:> cd efi
fs0:> errdump mca > mca.txt

This file would be in /efi directory which is in EFI partition.If system is bootable, you can fetch this file from with OS using efi_cp command. e.g.
# efi_cp -d /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s1 -u /EFI/mca.txt /tmp/mca.txt

If the system is not bootable and EFI tools (\EFI\HP\TOOLS) are installed, you can make use of tcpipv4.efi and transfer the file to a FTP server.
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Re: EFI file fetching

Most easy way:

format an USB stick with FAT or FAT32 and plug-in. Use "map" to find the fsx: entry.
Now copy the file to this fsx!


Shell> map -r
Device mapping table
fs0 : Acpi(HWP0002,0)/Pci(1|0)/Usb(1, 0)/HD(Part1,SigC3072E18)

(this is the stick)

cp fs0:

Hope this helps!

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