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EFI password

Thomas Götschl
Occasional Visitor

EFI password


I have forgot the admin password to EFI.
Does anyone know how to reset it ?


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Lee Huei
Regular Advisor

Re: EFI password

You can change the password via singel user mode.

Here's the steps:
When the Itanium server starts up, at the boot option select
HP-UX Primary Boot

You get messages
HP-UX Boot Loader for IA64
Press Any Key to interupt Autoboot

Press a key to interupt the boot, and get to the "HPUX>" prompt

At the prompt type
hpux -is

change the password:
# /sbin/mount -a
# passwd root

Then go to multi-user mode:
# init 4

Hope it helps.
Thomas Götschl
Occasional Visitor

Re: EFI password

What mico suggested is the way to change password in hpux not for EFI.
The only way to blank EFI password is to
take out the battery, which will also blank
all boot settings...

Correct way to change/blank password for root

It should be:
Interupt autoboot, press a key to get the
"HPUX>" prompt

First get in as superuser in hpux:
HPUX>boot vmunix -is

Now change password:
# /sbin/mount -a
# passwd root
OR if you have a trusted system:
go to /tcb/files/auth/r/
edit the file root
and blank everything between = and : in the
u_pwd field

Then back to multi user mode
# init 4

Dave La Mar
Honored Contributor

Re: EFI password

Thomas -
Just out of curiosity, did you answer your own question?
And pardon the ignorant, but what is this EFI?

Best regards,

"I'm not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information."
doug hosking
Esteemed Contributor

Re: EFI password

Dave, EFI is Intel's Extensible Firmware Interface for Itanium systems. See