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EFI term type problems

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Jeff Stenger
Occasional Contributor

EFI term type problems

The EFI (extensible firmware interface) on my rx5670 (HP-UX 11.23) only displays correctly when console terminal is setup as a vt100. Boot messages are garbled with term type of HP or 70096. Then after system boots ttytype command reports terminal type as unknown even though it is setup as vt100. This is new HP console terminal purchased with rx5670

Any insight would be appreciated
- Jeff
Donny Jekels
Respected Contributor

Re: EFI term type problems


I never use those dumb terminals, they always srewup when not setup correctly.

Try using a laptop, hyperterm, or any other descent term emulator, like procomm plus.

pros: logging to files,
light and easy the carry terminal
can play games while you wait for vmunix to load :-)

"Vision, is the art of seeing the invisible"
Jeroen Peereboom
Honored Contributor

Re: EFI term type problems

Rumour has it you can define the console type somewhere in the GSP menu's...
Where do you setup the terminal type?

Scot Bean
Honored Contributor

Re: EFI term type problems

The 'GSP' command (called MP on IA) to set the console terminal type is 'CA'.

Default is VT100 emulation.

Choices are:
- hpterm
- VT100
- VT100+

In addition to the above emulator suggestions, I use a simple 'dtterm' window from HPUX and it handles the EFI menus OK.