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Efi Monitoring

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Efi Monitoring


RX2620, running Openvms or any other OS.

There is an EFI toolkit, that seems to bring
Tcpip, FTP and the language Python, allowing some scripting.

Do you have some examples of scripts monitoring VFP or anything else ?

Thanks for any tips.

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Re: Efi Monitoring

Yes there are EFI compatible utlities, libraries etc which could be used in scripts. e.g. if you want to perform firmware ( FC HBA etc ) upgrade through EFI or tranfer files to EFI partition ( outside OS environment), then you need to allocate IP address to EFI and make it ftp client. In this case, you need to load "tcpipv4.efi" which is nothing but EFI comapatible IP V4 network stack. Then you can go ahead and configure networ interface etc. You can have a script named as "startup_net.nsh" created using efi editor "edit"
fs0:\efi\vms\tools> edit startup_net.nsh

load \efi\vms\tools\tcpipv4.efi
\efi\vms\tools\ifconfig lo0 inet
\efi\vms\tools\ifconfig sni0 inet netmask \efi\vms\tools\route add default

After executing above script, you can have ftp files from ftp server etc.

With in EFI shell, you can have your own scripts using shell commands/logical loops etc. You can find more info about EFI scripting at

You can find some utilities in tools directory.

As of now VFP could only be accessed through MP->VFP command. There is no command in EFI to catch VFP and that's makes MP as improved added manegeability option alongwith EFI/BMC.

If you are thinking about monitoring the server for events and having MP/iLO, enabling IPMI over lan is possible option.

Moreover, you can create your scripts having supported IPMI command within EFI ( no OS environnment)

As per my understanding, the access to EFI partition or enviornment within OS environment is limited as of now. Maybe in future, we might see more flexibility in this regard.
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Re: Efi Monitoring

Thanks for the info, I will try all that.