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Firmware update/roll back

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Firmware update/roll back

Hi everyone 


I need to update firmware on few RX6600 server, I want to know how to recover from a firmware udpate failure. 


Here is the SYSREV command result


So, looks like the server got two ROM, ROM A and ROM B, does that mean if firmware update to ROM A failed, the server can still boot from ROM B ?


How can I test ROM B ?


If bothm ROM does not work, how can I recover ?





Current firmware revisions

MP FW : F.02.26
BMC FW : 05.26
EFI FW : ROM A 07.14, ROM B 07.14
System FW : ROM A 04.11, ROM B 04.15, Boot ROM B
PDH FW : 50.07
DHPC FW : 01.23
UCIO FW : 03.0b
PRS FW : 00.08 UpSeqRev: 0c, DownSeqRev: 08
HFC FW : 00.03 SetRev: 00

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Re: Firmware update/roll back

Just an update, I think if I can choose which ROM to upgrade, I will be OK. As the following SYSREV output says the current boot ROM is ROM B. 


Anyone remembers if there is such an option allows you to pick which ROM to upgrade ? I think so but just no sure.



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Re: Firmware update/roll back

The system firmware update always go to the inactive ROM, but you can choose the ROM for next boot from EFI.


But caution, if another component update fails (let's say BMC), there is no way back.


So don't switch off (or on), don't unplug cables etc. during update - always read and follow the notes!

Hope this helps!

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