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Firmware upgrade questions

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Firmware upgrade questions

I have a RX4640 running 11.23.

I want to upgrade the firmware via the patch PHSS_37118.

At the same time I want to upgrade the CPUs.

Is it possible to do both of these with one reboot or should I first upgrade the Firmware, make sure it reboots OK, and then bring it down for the CPU upgrade.

Finally, I want to throw patch PHKL_33752 which address incorrect CPU speed being shown in machinfo. I presume that's impossible to do at the same time also.

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Firmware upgrade questions

The recommended patch is now PHSS_37894.
Hmm, the installation instructions for PHSS_37894 are awfully complicated. Unless there are notes that says you can't do them all at once, you should be able to put the patches into one depot and install at once.

You may want to do the CPU upgrade separately.
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Re: Firmware upgrade questions

Make sure you read the Special Installation Instructions:{hpux:11.23,}&BC=main|search|

Install the patch and let the system boot to the start menu at least. If this works, the install of firmware was successful.

After this you can do your cpu upgrade (upgrade from what to what?).

Hope this helps!

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