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Firmware upgrade rx6600

Anoop Sivan
Frequent Advisor

Firmware upgrade rx6600

Hi All,

We need to upgrade the firmware of our rx6600 hp-ux server.

Current firmware revisions

MP FW : F.01.58
BMC FW : 05.14
EFI FW : ROM A 05.66, ROM B 05.66
System FW : ROM A 02.03, ROM B 02.03, Boot ROM A
PDH FW : 50.04
DHPC FW : 01.23
UCIO FW : 03.0a
PRS FW : 00.08 UpSeqRev: 0c, DownSeqRev: 08
HFC FW : 00.03 SetRev: 00

We are going to upgrade using "PF_CRUSASYS0415EFI.tar.gz" file and EFI installation method, following the instructions provided in the file.Please provide the back out procedure if there is any issue and provide your suggestions.
Chandrahasa s
Valued Contributor

Re: Firmware upgrade rx6600


Refer below link.∏=rx6600

If you have any issue let us know with following details.

Current os
Number of processer.


Anoop Sivan
Frequent Advisor

Re: Firmware upgrade rx6600

Hi Chandra,
Thanks for the reply. I already downloaded the file from this site and following the same process for the implementation, EFI installation method(planned for next week). My query is clear, how the backout plan(roll back previous f/m level if any issue), and if any one have previous experience please share.
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Firmware upgrade rx6600

The system has a backup ROM, to in case of a problem it using the backup.

If another part (non redundant) is broken, you probably need some hardware replacement - so take care.

Hope this helps!

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