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Flashing firmware on BL860c

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Mel Nugent
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Flashing firmware on BL860c

I'm new to integrity servers and I'm trying to flash a BL860c firmware. Managed to get to the EFI boot manager, but cannot add ana option for removeable media. Each time I plug in the USB CD drive the system seems to hang until I unplug it. I can boot from ISO via virtual media but says that this isn't supported. I can add a direct attached USB key to the boot manager but doesn't boot from it.


"iLO-2 Virtual Media installation of this firmware package via remote MP connection to an ISO image file is not supported. The ISO image must be burnt to CD/DVD media and mounted on a physical drive connected to the target system."

currently running

 System Firmware:  3.01 [4739]
 BMC Version:      5.20
  MP Version:       T.02.17 

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Re: Flashing firmware on BL860c

Download the EFI version of the firmware, but it on an USB stick, connect it to the front adapter of the blade, start up the blade, go to efi and switch to the stick:

EFI> fs0:

then start the update (read and follow the release notes!)

Hope this helps!

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Mel Nugent
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Re: Flashing firmware on BL860c

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Re: Flashing firmware on BL860c

I used virtual media to do this. Go into OA and go into that blade's ILO. click on virtual media, then launch. You will see a JAVA window. Select your local DVD/CD drive and connect. In my case, I used my laptop for the FW DVD. At the booting, you want to make sure the machine boots from DVD.


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Re: Flashing firmware on BL860c

Additionally, be sure to check the following, from the release notes:


    After this firmware upgrade, Users of Operating Systems other than Windows Server 2003,(HPUX/Linux/VMS/Windows Server 2008) should set the MPS optimization switch ON at the EFI shell to improve the IO performance.This setting defaults to OFF, because of an incompatibility with Windows Server 2003.
      shell> ioconfig mps_optimize on 
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