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Getting new servers

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Getting new servers



We have to update our ERP system and we have decieded to get new hardware and replaced the current PA-RISC servers we have. The ERP requieres Itanium CPUs and HP-UX11.31.


I have a few questions before i start getting quotes.


1.- Currently, we cannot really use our ServiceGuard setup because the ERP system checks the hostname and other things in the system in order to check and authorize the license, if we implement vPars, it would be sorta like having a VM in VMWare or XenServer, correct? It would be a VM running HP-UX and our ERP system and when combined with ServiceGuard the "VM" would be picked up by the standby server, am it looking at this correctly?


2.- The local HP reps that we always deal with replied with only 2 models and they said: "These are the models that are still available rx2800 and rx3600".  Are those the only models that HP has with Itanium and HP-UX..?? And the mention of "...are still available.." does not offer too much confidence.


3.- We have licenses for HP-UX, ServiceGuard, Mirrordisk and maybe other components. Is vPars an aditional component or it is a modified version of HP-UX..?


Thanks for any information you can provide.

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Re: Getting new servers

On current servers you can have either classic vPars (kind of several real servesr inside a single physical server) or vPars v6 (virtual machines, you already know).


vPars v6 is much similar to other virtual machine solutions you already know - but pure hp-ux (this time host and guests all are hp-ux only).



Current servers are the blades

BL860c i2

BL870c i2

BL890c i2

and the rack servers

rx2800 i2


superdome 2


I assume "i4" models with 8-core CPUs are coming soon.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Getting new servers

OK. Thank you.