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Graphic card on rx2600

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Graphic card on rx2600

I need to know which graphic cards can be installed on a integrity rx2600 server with four PCI-X slot(no AGP)and Linux RedHat.

I've read that the RADEON 7500 PCI is supported, but I was wondering if any other state-of-the-art PCI-X compatible card (as e.g. the Matrox G450 or Parhelia PCI) could be installed.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Graphic card on rx2600

The officially supported one is the 7500 under rhel and sles (don't know about windows offhand, but I suspect it is the same). However, I'd bet that any decent PCI or PCI-X card that you can obtain rhel drivers (or use the native drivers) for will work just fine.