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HP integrity rx1620: updating the firmware

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HP integrity rx1620: updating the firmware

I will go to upgrade my HP server firmware, so I read the doc "rx16x0_9_5_install_manual.txt" to get info about that. Although my server is not a corporative server, I use it to my technical and profissional researchs, and the hypothesis to have troubles scare me.


My simple question is: what is the firmware version to consider at the momento of the upgrade?


We can read on the help doc inside the upgrade package:


"This system firmware update will be aborted if the current iLO MP firmware

revision present on the system is less than E.02.29. In order to upgrade

system firmware using this package, first upgrade the iLO MP firmware to

E.02.29. Please follow the upgrade requirements below:

1 - Upgrades to iLO MP firmware revision E.02.29 will require updating to

iLO MP firmware revision E.02.26 first.

2 - iLO MP firmware must be at or upgraded to revision E.02.29 prior to

upgrading to iLO MP revision E.03.30."



My MP "sysrev" output:



Current firmware revisions

 MP FW     : E.03.15
 BMC FW    : 03.48
 EFI FW    : 02.14
 System FW : 02.18


I'm ready to install the upgrade? The iLO MP firmware is the first information on the sysrev column?


thanks a lot

--Renato Martini (Brazil)
Holger G

Re: HP integrity rx1620: updating the firmware

Hi Renato,


yes, the first firmware in the sysrev output shows the iLO MP version.

Your system has already iLO MP firmware version E.03.15, which is above the required version E.02.29.

So no interim upgrade to a previous revisions of iLO MP firmware is required here in order to upgrade to iLO MP firmware revision E.03.30. The direct upgrade to firmware bundle 04.27 (System 04.27, BMC 04.01 and iLO MP E.03.30) should work.

Please follow the other prerequisites and instructions in the Release Notes.



Kind Regards



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Re: HP integrity rx1620: updating the firmware



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