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HVD controller for rx8620

Ray Allen_1
Frequent Advisor

HVD controller for rx8620


Does HP have an HVD controller (or converter) for the rx8620 server?
If not, can you point me to where I might get one?




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Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: HVD controller for rx8620


HP do make HVD interfaces for the 9000's but there isnt one listed as a supported option for the rx8620. The main problem is that as its an itanium server you are probably running 11i v2. This has no support for the HVD cards that HP make. This is probably down to the fact that HVD is old technology by todays standards. Having a new fast server with old slow disks and controllers isnt a good idea. HVD has a max of 20MB's.

The part numbers for the cards hp have are listed in this support matrix

If however you are running 11i v1 then although not supported, then they would probably work as this does have the drivers needed for the HVD cards and controllers.

All the supported cards can be found here〈=en&cc=us

Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: HVD controller for rx8620

This is what you will need to use for HVD:'HVD%20SCSI%20rx8620'

Install an LVD Card (A6828A or similar) and connect it to this converter. I have used similar solutions from Paralan in the past with good success.

What are the chances...