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Hard Partition removal from Rx-8640

Muthukaruppan Sp
Occasional Contributor

Hard Partition removal from Rx-8640


We have an Rx-8640 Server which is hard partitioned and hosting two different applications in it.We are in the process of now allocating the entire resource(CPU and Memory) to Partition 1 and removing the Partition 2 from the Server.
Will merely moving the cells from partition 2 to partition 1 and deleting the partition 1 will work or do we need to perform any other prerequisite activities in doing so?

sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: Hard Partition removal from Rx-8640


yes that shall do but have some basic checks:

1)make sure that the CPU types and the Cell Board in ptn1 and 2 are alike.
2)take an ignite of the partiton2 that will keep that in case sometine it is needed to recover.
3)Enssure that the FW level of the Different Cells is the same before allocating the cells from p2 to p1.
4)always better if the whole rx4640 is updated to the latest FW release for that.
5)Enssure that if Npar2 and Npar2 both ignite backup are taken prior to the change ensuring the safety and roll backs.
6)In FW upgardes of the NPAR always suggested to have an Ignite backup of the NPARS and if possible nickel also.
7)Also try having the DATA backup of the Application that is going to be decommisioned.

Remove the NPAR par2 using parremove do a ahutdown -RH 00 for napr2 and shutdown and add the Cell to the Npar1 and do an RFR(shutdown -Ry 00) for the NPAR partition1.

If the LUNS Being used by NPAR par2 also is being wished to be used with the NPAR2 , plan to do an vgexport and Assigning of the LUNs to the server(depending on the SAN allocation of the LUNS to the servers NAPRs par1 and par2)