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Hardware mirror on RX6600??

Craig A. Sharp
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Hardware mirror on RX6600??

I need some instructions on setting up hardware mirror on an Itanium RX6600 running HPUX.

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Re: Hardware mirror on RX6600??

You to effect the mirror of one lvol and necessario to have software mirror-ux. this software must be acquired next to HP case you ja has mirror-ux is enough to effect the command: lvextend - m 1 /dev/vgxxx/lvolxxxx remembering only that you tera that to have two records or more to effect the mirror.

Re: Hardware mirror on RX6600??


I take it you're referring to the integrated SAS HBA in the rx6600 which can provide a simple RAID1 volume for root/boot.

Instructions on configuring are in that SAS HBA user guide here:

See Chapter 3 for details - there seems to be a method of retaining existing data if your OS is already installed...



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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Hardware mirror on RX6600??


Anything involveing mirror/ux (lvextend -m 1) Is not hardware mirroring its software mirroring.

In general, to get hardware mirroring you would need a special disk controller card. I don't know of any such device for any Integrity server.

Alternately mirroring can be handled via hardware like an EVA-4000 disk array which is external to the system. I always recommend never booting an HP-UX system from a disk array and using software mirroring for the boot disk and all logical volumes within.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
rick jones
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Re: Hardware mirror on RX6600??

Steven - there have been RAID controller cards for HP-UX systems for years now. A recent example on the Integrity systems would be the SA6402 which can be used as add-on or core I/O on a number of Integrity systems.

The "HP-UX" config of the rx6600 has the aforementioned RAID1 capable SAS card as core I/O. The Windows/Linux config of the rx6600 has a SAS SmartArray card as core I/O. I believe both support add-on SmartArray cards for external storage.
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Michael Steele_2
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Re: Hardware mirror on RX6600??

Dear Craig:

The others have pointed out the HW disk array procedures. With LVM, on Itanium, here's the boot mirror procedure.

See page 634.
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