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Having problems installing Windows 2003 ENT on BL860C

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Having problems installing Windows 2003 ENT on BL860C

Hello all,

We are migrating our Integrity Servers from HP-UX to Windows. We have 3 BL860C's and 4 RX3600's. I've started with the BL860C's because the Hardware in the RX3600's need to be replaced with Windows Compatible hardware.

I've begun the installation using the HP SmartSetup CD's and have successfully installed Windows 2003 ENT SP2 and the HP SmartUpdate updates. I've been able to install the Network Adapter drivers, but nothing else seems to work. The video drivers cause more problems than they fix.. after installing the video drivers my iLO console is scaled down and flickers.

The Installation of Windows also appears to be "limited". Server applications/services have not been installed..

Any ideas would be very helpful!

Thanks everyone!
kris rombauts
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Re: Having problems installing Windows 2003 ENT on BL860C

Hi Jaywes,

if i understand correctly, you used the HP SmartSetup cd (which version ?) and the Microsoft RTM cd to install this server blade, correct ?

You might be aware that HP also provides the re-install media which allows you to very quickly deploy a Integrity server and all tools and utilities are included. This saves you some considerable time.

Integrity servers and blades can also be easily deployed using RDP just like Proliant X86 and X64 based servers and blades or compare it to Ignite UX if you are familiar with that, just fyi.

One of the issues i can think of with using the Microsoft RTM media is that the SNMP service is not enabled by default and for the management agents and System Management Homepage i.e. you do need this to be enabled before you start the install.

Can you check the cqpsetup.log file located under C:\CPQSYSTEM\log , in that log file you will see what modules have been tried to install and which ones were ok and which ones failed.

Can you also post the output of the SYSREV command which you can run from a Telnet connection to your MP/iLO of the blade server in the CM (Command Menu).

The minimum rev for a good iLO remote console is this one below :

[bl860c-ilo1] MP:CM> sysrev

Current firmware revisions

MP FW : T.02.17
BMC FW : 05.20
EFI FW : ROM A 05.67, ROM B 06.20
System FW : ROM A 01.01, ROM B 03.01, Boot ROM B
PDH FW : 50.07
UCIO FW : 03.0b
PRS FW : 00.08 UpSeqRev: 02,
downSeqRev: 05
PIC FW : 00.05

Can you indicate which server applications/services you are not seeing as you expected ?