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How to Load debug driver in Itanium.

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How to Load debug driver in Itanium.


I would like to know how to install a debug driver itanium system. say i have a debug driver of the SA driver in floppy , as itanium system does not have floppy i can't inject the driver in floppy by pressing F6(to install/inject any third party SCSI driver).

I use to inject debug driver in proliant sytsem thru floppy (and pressing F6),as i am new to itanium, i would like to know the procedure to inject debug driver of Smart array driver.

Marco Hogeveen_1
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Re: How to Load debug driver in Itanium.

Hi Kavitha,

You can load a 3rd party driver (like using F6) by using the virtual floppy.
Please take a look at the smart setup documentation on and have a look at page 98:

Load OEM Boot Driver - Loads OEM drivers for boot devices into memory.
Ordinarily, boot drivers not on the Windows CD are installed using the floppy drive.
Because Integrity servers donâ t have floppy drives, the drivers must be loaded into
memory and then installed.
EBSU shows devices that it detects and that have a virtual floppy image available.

This should do the trick for you.

Stefan Stechemesser
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Re: How to Load debug driver in Itanium.

Hi Kavitha,

please keep in mind that Itanium is a new processor architecture and the EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) is completely different from a standard Bios of a PC or Proliant.

So the question is not how to load the debug driver to EFI, but more:

Where do you get a debug EFI driver for a Smart Array card ?

If you would have one, then it would have to be loaded to the EFI partition (either from the OS with special tools or via a DVD/CD or with FTP via the network) and then it could be loaded to EFI.

I'm sure that if you ever get a new driver for a SA card for EFI, then it would come with Release Notes how to install it. (In most cases this can be done directly from Windows, only sometimes, access of the EFI shell is needed).

A "debug driver" for a PC will never work on an Integrity system.

best regards