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How to check iLO Firmware Version

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How to check iLO Firmware Version

Hi everyone,


I am looking to check the iLO firmware of an RX2660 running 11.31i


When I run SYSREV through MP it shows MP FW: F.02.23, and when I log in to the SMH GUI  and click Home > Firmware Information it doesn't show anything except:


'05 August 2013 12:32:46 There was an error in loading information
:HP_FirmwareIdentity PGS08000: CIM HTTP or HTTPS connector cannot connect to
local CIM server. Connection failed'



The login screen doesn't show any iLO firmware version at all.


My reason for wanting to check -- a recently discovered vulnerability at & 


I would like to know if my system is vulnerable and if I need to patch it, to what level.

Holger G

Re: How to check iLO Firmware Version



the HP Integrity rx2660 Server has iLO2, so it is not affected by SECURITY BULLETIN c03844348.

Btw, you correctly checked the iLO2/MP firmware on your system: It's version F.02.23. - As you can see, it's even using a different version numbering than iLO3 or iLO4.



Kind Regards


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Re: How to check iLO Firmware Version

Holger, thank you !!

Do you know how the numbering convention should work for the different versions? As there seems to be some difference (iLO 2 looks to be using different convension than 3/4)

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Re: How to check iLO Firmware Version

Check these links for Proliant ILO's:









You will find a revision history for each (e.g. ILO3 here):




You will find some similar for the ILO in your rx2660:




AFAIR it started with


and went up to


Hope this helps!

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Holger G

Re: How to check iLO Firmware Version

There is no special numbering convention. The iLO version numbering may even differ between different system types.

E.g. iLO2 firmware for HP Integrity rx2660 server starts with F (F.xx.xx) while iLO2 on HP Integrity BL8x0c blades starts with T (T.xx.xx) and ProLiant iLO2 FW may have no letter at the front.

However, a newer firmware version for the same iLO should always have a higher number.

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Re: How to check iLO Firmware Version

Note that the "Integrity iLO" has its origin in the PA-RISC GSP and MP management processors, which used to be completely separate from the Compaq/HP x86 iLO product line.


At some point, HP decided to use the iLO brand name with PA-RISC/Itanium remote management processors too. In fact, I seem to recall there was a particular firmware revision that re-branded existing Superdome/rp84xx MPs to "iLO MP"s.


With the c-class blade hardware, a certain unification must have happened, as both the iLO MPs of the Itanium blades and the iLO2/3/4 implementations fo x86 blades must work together with the chassis OAs. But still the Itanium iLOs have their own firmware packages, with their own version numbering, indicating that there may still be some difference in the underlying iLO hardware between x86 and Itanium.