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How to install Window server 2003 x64on server HP RX7640

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How to install Window server 2003 x64on server HP RX7640

Dear Support Team,

Now I have one HP RX7640 server which was installed Suse Linux Enterprise for along time, and now I want to reinstall it with new OS "Microsoft Window Server 2003 Enterprise x64" for other purpose. I get some issue when trying to reinstall it

1. I connect to the server with ILO interface and try to change the order booting as DVD device and reboot it

The message is dislayed "Load of Optiarc DVD  failed: Not Found"

I can not continue do next step

 EFI Boot Manager ver 2.00 [14.62]  Please select a boot option
OS might use only the primary console set via boot manager or conconfig command
    Optiarc DVD                                                     
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1                             
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 -- Backup                   
    SYS LAN 0 Cabinet 0 [Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,0)/Pci(1|0)/Mac(001B78
    SYS LAN 1 Cabinet 0 [Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,100)/Pci(1|0)/Mac(0012
    EFI Shell [Built-in]                                            
    Boot Option Maintenance Menu                   

    Use ^ and v to change option(s). Use Enter to select an option
    Use > and < to view long descriptions
    Hot Key: 'S' or 's' to start the EFI Shell                                    
Selected boot option: Optiarc DVD
Loading.: Optiarc DVD
Load of Optiarc DVD  failed: Not Found
Press any key to continue

and then I choose boot EFI shell and type reconnect -r to rescan hardware like that

Selected boot option: EFI Shell [Built-in]
Loading.: EFI Shell [Built-in]
EFI Shell UEFI version 2.00 [14.62]
Device mapping table
  fs0  : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,100)/Pci(3|0)/Scsi(Pun6,Lun0)/HD(Part1,Sig26F09DF8-84A6-4C2C-B104-300002F5E178)
  fs1  : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,101)/Pci(1|0)/Pci(4|1)/Scsi(Pun6,Lun0)/HD(Part1,SigF2F7A731-5414-4A59-A6A4-75CDB0AAB673)
Shell> reconnect -r02,PNP0A03,100)/Pci(3|0)/Scsi(Pun6,Lun0)
  blk1 : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,100)/Pci(3|0)/Scsi(Pun6,Lun0)/HD(Part1,Sig26F09DF8-84A6-4C2C-B104-300002F5E178)
  blk2 : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,100)/Pci(3|0)/Scsi(Pun6,Lun0)/HD(Part2,Sig5B9861E9-65A8-4B09-85E3-39AAF1806A1C)
  blk3 : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,100)/Pci(3|0)/Scsi(Pun6,Lun0)/HD(Part3,SigBC77D87F-E2AB-4268-8736-739859F0C25C)
  blk4 : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,101)/Pci(1|0)/Pci(4|1)/Scsi(Pun6,Lun0)
  blk5 : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,101)/Pci(1|0)/Pci(4|1)/Scsi(Pun6,Lun0)/HD(Part1,SigF2F7A731-5414-4A59-A6A4-75CDB0AAB673)
  blk6 : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,101)/Pci(1|0)/Pci(4|1)/Scsi(Pun6,Lun0)/HD(Part2,Sig9B2DBC06-F211-4619-AD1E-3267A8C7FB2C)
  blk7 : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,101)/Pci(1|0)/Pci(4|1)/Scsi(Pun6,Lun0)/HD(Part3,Sig58A9133C-B8CD-4687-A45E-A4633C8B6C60)
  blk8 : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,100)/Pci(3|1)/Scsi(Pun2,Lun0)
 blk9 : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,100)/Pci(3|1)/Scsi(Pun2,Lun0)/CDROM(Entry0)

Scsi(Pun6,Lun0) HP 146 GST3146855LC     HPC8 (320 MBytes/sec)                 
Scsi(Pun2,Lun0) Optiarc DVD RW AD-5200A 1H22 ( 40 MBytes/sec)                 
Scsi(Pun6,Lun0) HP 146 GST3146855LC     HPC8 (320 MBytes/sec)                 
PciRom S=01 B=54 D=1 F=0 I=3 loaded at 40FF911000-40FF944000
HP PCI-X 1Port 4Gb Fibre Channel Adapter (driver 1.09, firmware 4.00.090)  
HP PCI-X 1Port 4Gb Fibre Channel Adapter (driver 1.09, firmware 4.00.090)  
PciRom S=01 B=A9 D=1 F=0 I=0 loaded at 40FF8CD000-40FF911000
ReconnectController(0,0,0) : Status = Success

Could you help me to solve this issue ? give me solution to install w2k3 x64 on this server

2. I have searched and try to find the DVD SmartStart for HP RX7640 from many source but can not find it,

could you share with me this DVD Smartstart ?

 Thanks for all your support

Dennis Handly
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Re: How to install Window server 2003 x64 on server HPE RX7640

x64 sounds more like what runs on x86-x64, than what runs on an Integrity Server, IA64.