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How to read chassis logs without MP installed on rx2600?

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Erik van Dalen
Occasional Visitor

How to read chassis logs without MP installed on rx2600?

Is it possible to get to the chassis logs on a rx2600 without having a MP card installed?
I know that it is possible to watch the attention leds on the front to see if something is wrong, but i wonder if it is possible to read or download the chassis logs directly without having a MP card installed.
Honored Contributor

Re: How to read chassis logs without MP installed on rx2600?


The chassis logs could be read from BMC interface.
SEL and FPL logs where the chassis logs and codes are logged could be seen at the BMC command line interface. The BMC command line interface is accessible through EFI.

BMC interface could only accessed during system power-up unlike the MP which allows you see logs through its own interface.

One think is important here unless one get till EFI , one has to dependant the those 4 LEDs to figure out the cause of the problem.
kris rombauts
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Re: How to read chassis logs without MP installed on rx2600?

Hallo Erik,

if you are running Windows 2003 on the RX2600 and you installed the management software then you can also read the hardware logs while the system is online.

Via the SMH (System Home Page) their is a possibility to access the SEL.


Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: How to read chassis logs without MP installed on rx2600?

If you are running HPUX, then you find the chassis logs in raw binary format in the files /var/stm/logs/os/fpl.log.* (up to 20 files a 512 kb).
To view it, you need the "slview" program that comes with the online diagnostics


$ /usr/sbin/diag/contrib/slview -f fpl.log.01

Welcome to the FPL (Forward Progress Log) Viewer 1.2

The following FPL navigation commands are available:
D: Dump log starting at current block for capture and analysis
F: Display first (oldest) block
L: Display last (newest) block
J: Jump to specified entry and display previous block
+: Display next (forward in time) block
-: Display previous (backward in time) block
: Repeat previous +/- command
?: Display help
q: Exit viewer

The following event format options are available:
K: Keyword
R: Raw hex
T: Text
V: Verbose

The following event filter options are available:
A: Alert level
C: Cell
U: Unfiltered

SL (,+,-,?,F,L,J,D,K,R,T,V,A,C,U,q) >
12799 SFW 1,3,0 0 0x0000011bb0e00000 000000000000000000 INIT_INTERRUPTS
12798 SFW 1,3,0 0 0x0e00011ab0e00000 000000000000000000 INIT_FRAMEWORK_STATUS
12797 SFW 1,3,0 0 0x00000119b0e00000 000000000000000000 INIT_FRAMEWORK
12796 SFW 1,3,0 0 0x0e00019fb0e00000 000000000000000000 SRAM_INIT_DONE
12795 SFW 1,3,0 0 0x0e00019eb0e00000 000000000000000000 SRAM_INIT_START
12794 SFW 1,3,0 0 0x0e00019db0e00000 000000000000000000 SRAM_TEST_DONE
12793 SFW 1,3,0 0 0x0e00019cb0e00000 000000000000000000 SRAM_TEST_START
12792 SFW 1,3,0 0 0x03000f34b0e00000 0x0000000000000020 RESET_COUNT
12790 SFW 1,3,0 1 0x34800063b0e00000 000000000000000000 BOOT_START
12790 Tue Aug 2 15:21:11 2005
12789 SFW 1,3,0 0 0x0e00019ab0e00000 000000000000000000 MONARCH_CPU
12788 SFW 1,3,0 1 0x23000ba0b0e00000 000000000000000000 PAL_EXIT_STATE_STATUS
12787 SFW 1,3,0 1 0x23000ba1b0e00000 0x0000000000000004 PAL_EXIT_SELFTEST_STATUS
12786 SFW 1,3,0 0 0x00000eecb0e00000 0x00000000000b0000 CPU_LID
12785 SFW 1,3,0 0 0x00000199b0e00000 0x001f020100000000 CPU_INSTALLED
12784 SFW 1,1,0 0 0x0e00011a90e00000 000000000000000000 INIT_FRAMEWORK_STATUS
12783 SFW 1,1,0 0 0x0000011990e00000 000000000000000000 INIT_FRAMEWORK
12782 SFW 1,1,0 0 0x0e00019f90e00000 000000000000000000 SRAM_INIT_DONE
12781 SFW 1,1,0 0 0x0e00019e90e00000 000000000000000000 SRAM_INIT_START
12780 SFW 1,1,0 0 0x0e00019d90e00000 000000000000000000 SRAM_TEST_DONE
12779 SFW 1,1,0 0 0x0e00019c90e00000 000000000000000000 SRAM_TEST_START
12778 SFW 1,1,0 0 0x03000f3490e00000 0x0000000000000020 RESET_COUNT

SL (,+,-,?,F,L,J,D,K,R,T,V,A,C,U,q) > q

Erik van Dalen
Occasional Visitor

Re: How to read chassis logs without MP installed on rx2600?

Thanks for your remarks on my question, it helped me a lot.