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How to split hardware mirror(sas) and merge mirror?


How to split hardware mirror(sas) and merge mirror?

I want to split mirror disks which are built by sas controller and also want to merge them after i upgrade software.

Please help to suggest me
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: How to split hardware mirror(sas) and merge mirror?


what server and what controller (Smartarray or LSI logic based ) are you using ?

As with all raid controllers, the OS is unaware of the underlying hardware so any manipulation at the hardware level is transparent.

So if you have a raid1 pair now and pull out one disk, then do the S/W changes and all runs fine for you, you simply have to re-insert the removed disk and the raid controller will re-sync data from the remaining disk onto the one you inserted again.

If, after the S/W updates, things don't run quit well you will have to revert back to the situation from the time where the one disk was removed. To do this, you have to shut down the server, remove the remaining disk (the one with the updated S/W) and insert the disk you removed first. Then boot up and check for any messages the raid controller might alert you on and eventually accept them. Then once the OS is up again in the old S/W config, re-insert the disk with the updated OS so that it can be resynced back to the situation before the S/W updates.

Pls note that if you do not have a spare disk, that during the time one disk is removed, you run at risk if that disk should fail.