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ILO configuration on HP-UX

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ILO configuration on HP-UX

Could anyone please guide me for configuring the ILO on HP-UX. I have the various servers like Rx 4640, RX 8640, 7620 and 7640.

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Re: ILO configuration on HP-UX

Have a look at this:

Hope this helps!

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Tim Nelson
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Re: ILO configuration on HP-UX

Please refer to the doc Torsten provided.

Each modelis a little different, once connected to the MP/ILO you can type in CM then HE then LI to access the help.

You mostlikely only need to look at the LC command to assign, IP and name if you are using the lan based option.

If you are not using hte lan based option there really is not anything you need to configure. Maybe change the admin password with SO and the MP hostname with LC.

SO and LC are mini-menu driven so it is not hard. Even a caveman could do it ;)

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Re: ILO configuration on HP-UX