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IO_ROPE_RESET_ERROR - any solutions?

Janusz Olearczuk
Occasional Visitor

IO_ROPE_RESET_ERROR - any solutions?

One of our integrity server (rx2620), was shut off because power failure. After power on, we got error. Server is not booting, probably cause : IO_ROPE_RESET_ERROR

Any ideas? What that error means?
In the table of errors, there is no any explanation or/and workaround.

Somebody can help?
rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: IO_ROPE_RESET_ERROR - any solutions?

"Ropes" are the traces that feed the chip(s) which provide(s) the PCI/PCI-X I/O slots (including the core IO) on the system. If the power failure was sufficiently "nasty" it may have fried some hardware. From what I can recall of the way the rx2620 was done, that might mean the system board. I suppose there is a small chance it could be just the io expansion cage.
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