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IR volume disque missing

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IR volume disque missing

ir volume  : primary ok  secondary  missing  apres echange du disque  idem   

ioscan : un disque (autre path) en supplement

Raid Level : RAID 1
Volume sas address : 0x5605d6c74ffa0d2
Device Special File : /dev/rdsk/c5t4d0
Raid State : DEGRADED
Raid Status Flag : ENABLED
Raid Size : 139236
Rebuild Rate : 0.00 %
Rebuild Progress : 100.00 %

Participating Physical Drive(s) :

SAS Address Enc Bay Size(MB) Type State

0x5000c500838e0205 1 1 286102 PRIMARY ONLINE
0x0 0 0 286102 SECONDARY MISSING


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Re: IR volume disque missing

You are right, there is a disk reported as missing.  It should be replaced.  Since its within an IR Volume, replacement is a simple hot-swap of the disk.  It will rebuild on its own.


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