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Identifying SAS disks


Identifying SAS disks

On the new rx servers, you can have 8 or more internal SAS drives each of which have a unique SAS address. From EFI how can you identify which SAS disk is in which slot? Below is a list of boot areas from the EFI command MAP, i know the first one is the cdrom,how do identify which slots the other 4 are in from EFI?
fs0 : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,0)/Pci(2|1)/Usb(0, 0)/CDROM(Entry0)
fs1 : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,200)/Pci(1|0)/Sas(Addr500000E013B8F492,Lun0)/HD(Part1,Sig826843C4-D400-11DC-8000-D6217B60E588)
fs2 : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,200)/Pci(1|0)/Sas(Addr500000E013B8F492,Lun0)/HD(Part3,Sig8268441E-D400-11DC-8000-D6217B60E588)
fs3 : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,200)/Pci(1|0)/Sas(Addr500000E013B8F5A2,Lun0)/HD(Part1,Sig15E39A00-1DD2-1000-8978-0017A4998F27)
fs4 : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,200)/Pci(1|0)/Sas(Addr500000E013B8F5A2,Lun0)/HD(Part2,Sig1A0FB780-1DD2-1000-AAE8-0017A4998F27)
fs5 : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,200)/Pci(1|0)/Sas(Addr500000E013B8C242,Lun0)/HD(Part1,Sig3D856B54-1B48-11DC-8002-D6217B60E588)
fs6 : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,200)/Pci(1|0)/Sas(Addr500000E013B8C242,Lun0)/HD(Part3,Sig3D856B90-1B48-11DC-8004-D6217B60E588)
fs7 : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,200)/Pci(1|0)/Sas(Addr500000E013B8F4D2,Lun0)/HD(Part1,Sig101A9E3A-8607-11DC-8002-D6217B60E588)
fs8 : Acpi(HWP0002,PNP0A03,200)/Pci(1|0)/Sas(Addr500000E013B8F4D2,Lun0)/HD(Part3,Sig101A9E6C-8607-11DC-8004-D6217B60E588)

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Re: Identifying SAS disks

Looks like you have 4 disks installed (at least 4 disks with filesystems).

I guess if you are inside the controllers BIOS the disks are blinking with the blue LED.
Not sure if they listed from slot 1 to 8.

Do you have already an OS installed?
With hp-ux you can use "ioscan -fne" to the the EFI path together with the hardware path and use "sasmgr" to get the disk information about slot and SAS-id listed.

Hope this helps!

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Stefan Stechemesser
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Re: Identifying SAS disks

1.) go to EFi shell
2.) drvcfg -s
if multiple controllers are shown, press ESC and exit the setup utility until you see
that you are in the SAS1068 setup utility from LSI
3.) go to SAS Topology, select a device and enter "d" to see the device SAS address.

You can then compare the SAS address with what you see in EFI shell.

I guess that EFI is scanning the devices from slot 0 to 7, but this may change if you have IR volumes and there is no garanty.

Better you doublecheck with the drvcfg utility.

best regards