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Improper shutdown info from MP logs

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Improper shutdown info from MP logs

Hi all,

Please let me know how to find out if a machine was improperly shutdown from MP logs. The machines are rx7640 and rx8640 integrity machines. And by improper shutdown i mean as a result of power failure.

Please find the attached MP logs for both machines.
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Re: Improper shutdown info from MP logs

The rx7640 log has power-off messages starting at 09/25/2009 14:38:48 (message 61652 - 61659). The last message is CABPWR_OFF at 09/25/2009 14:38:54. CABPWR_OFF means "cabinet power off".

The next message (61660) is POWER_SWITCH_ON at 10/14/2009 12:22:03.

So the rx7640 seems to have been powered off (apparently by MP commands) at 09/25/2009 and it seems to have stayed off until the power switch was pressed on 10/14/2009.

Just before the shutdown, there is "HP-UX_SHUTDOWN_IN_PROGRESS1" (message 61645), unfortunately without a timestamp, and a MP_CMD_INFO at 09/25/2009 14:38:47. So a shutdown process was running, but I cannot positively confirm if it was given enough time to run to completion, or not.


The rx8640 log also has power-off messages starting at 09/25/2009 14:18:47 (events 31727 - 31738). There is also a MP_CMD_INFO just before them. Before that, the system has been shutting down (events 31662-31664).

The power has been briefly back on at 09/30/2009 07:13:43 - 07:14:01, apparently by MP commands. 18 second is not enough time for a rx8640 to even power up completely, so looks like the person that entered the commands did not really know what to expect.

At 10/14/2009 12:06:09, the machine has been switched on by a front-panel power switch (POWER_SWITCH_ON), then off again at 10/14/2009 12:06:21 (POWER_SWITCH_OFF, before the power-on procedure has had enough time to complete!), and back on at 10/14/2009 12:07:51.


Neither log has AC_BROWNOUT, AC_DELETED or HKP_UNDERVOLTAGE messages at this timeframe. Those messages would be expected in case of a power failure.

Examples of power failure messages can be found in the rx8640 log, events 3021-3028. These events are much older: the timestamps are on 04/09/2008.

This looks more like a willful power-off using MP commands.

It looks like a controlled shutdown was executed on both systems before a power-off command was issued, but /etc/shutdownlog files might have some useful information.