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Installation - Itanium Server

António Negrão de Sousa
Occasional Visitor

Installation - Itanium Server

When we buy a new rx2600 the p/n H4725A 565 Installation - Itanium Server is an option or not ???
Can I buy the server without paing this service, I don??t need it ...
melvyn burnard
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Re: Installation - Itanium Server

I suggest you contact your HP Sales person, or local HP Sales office.
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Re: Installation - Itanium Server

every HP services are optional. You can buy the server without installation service, but .

... do not really need installation services? Please remember rx2600 is a new machines at 360??.
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Efim Kushnir
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Re: Installation - Itanium Server

Hi. Sorry for my English.

When you buy HP9000 by default HP represen to you HW warranty service only !
All jobs connected with installation and tuning system after delivered to customer are bought in addition at the order of the equipment.

If you have got such equipment without these works anybody from РР free-of-charge to you make nothing.

These works named is "Installation - System" and "Network and Installation - Itanium Server" and has cost it is a lot of.

In any case if you cannot execute installation and primary configuration of such equipment independently you should address in local representation HP for the solve of this problem.

Look for the answers, do not stop !