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Installing a server blade upgrade & Blade Link


Installing a server blade upgrade & Blade Link

Hello all, I am installing a blade upgrade to an 860 to make it an 870 and the associated blade link.  I've read the upgrade guide but I just want to get some feedback from any folks who have done this.  Any gotchas, some things I need to be conscious of?  Also, how long does the 'cojoning' process take?  Thanks.


Re: Installing a server blade upgrade & Blade Link

Hi RPMCanes,


Please refer these links: 

HP Integrity BL870c i2 Server series - Removing and Replacing the Scalable Blade Link (SBL) SBL2/SBL4:



HP Integrity BL860c i4, BL870c i4 & BL890c i4 Server Blade User Service Guide:







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Re: Installing a server blade upgrade & Blade Link

Yes, I've got those.  What about applying a license to the upgrade blade, or does the license come embedded?  Thanks.


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Re: Installing a server blade upgrade & Blade Link

I am not sure about the licensing, but in regards to conjoining the process only takes a few moments.   This is actually done each time the system resets.  In viewing the forward progress log messages similar to the following will indicate a successful conjoinment(?).


14    ILO  5          1  290020DB40E10013 0000003520796142 MMP_AMP_COMM_ESTABLISHED

13    ILO  5          1  290020DB40E10012 0000003620796142 MMP_AMP_COMM_ESTABLISHED

12    ILO  5          1  290020DF40E10011 0000003520796142 DMP_AMP_COMM_ESTABLISHED

11    ILO  5          1  290020DF40E10010 0000003620796142 DMP_AMP_COMM_ESTABLISHED

10    ILO  5          1  290020DB40E1000F 0000003620796142 MMP_AMP_COMM_ESTABLISHED




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Re: Installing a server blade upgrade & Blade Link

See also


The User service guide has all needed steps, make sure to run the sysset command:


(manual section "Upgrading the conjoined configuration")


[ilo002264fee1be] CM:hpiLO-> sysset
Current System Information Parameters:
Manufacturer : HP
Product Name (prodname) : Integrity BL870c i2
Secondary Product Name : Integrity BL860c i2
Product Number (prodnum) : AM358A
Secondary Product Number : AD399A
Serial number (serial) : Uninitialized
Secondary Serial Number : USA0003
Secondary UUID : 89742B3C-AD78-11DF-BB2A-5ABBD7A51B74
Product ID : 0x702
An Upgrade Blade Link has been detected.
Primary and secondary system parameters values do not match.

Copy secondary UUID and serial number to primary? (Y/[N]): y
-> Secondary system parameters values have been copied to primary
system parameters.
->System Information parameters have been updated.
iLO MP needs to be reset in order for these changes to take effect

Hope this helps!

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