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Integrity BL890c i4 server Some Nic Ports Down.

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Integrity BL890c i4 server Some Nic Ports Down.



We have a Integrity BL890c i4 server, with a virtual connect configured, suddenly we have 3 nics down on the hpux 11.31 server, i'm going to use only 1 for the example lan8:


mhv:#/root# nwmgr -S apa | grep lan905
lan905 LAN_MONITOR LB_HS 10 Gbps Full Duplex 1,8*
mhv:#/root# lanscan | grep lan8
2/0/0/3/0/0/0 0x0017A477A004 8 DOWN lan8 snap8 33 ETHER Yes 119


Looking in the OA, this corresponds to port:


FlexFabric Embedded Ethernet

Ethernet FlexNIC (NIC 1) LOM:1-a00:17:A4:77:A0:04  <--

Ethernet FlexNIC LOM:1-b00:17:A4:77:A0:24

Ethernet FlexNIC LOM:1-c00:17:A4:77:A0:44

Ethernet FlexNIC LOM:1-d00:17:A4:77:A0:64


Other pors on the same FlexNIC are up:


mhv:#/root# lanscan | grep A024
2/0/0/3/0/0/2 0x0017A477A024 40 UP lan40 snap40 35 ETHER Yes 119
mhv:#/root# lanscan | grep A044
2/0/0/3/0/0/4 0x0017A477A044 42 UP lan42 snap42 37 ETHER Yes 119


Inside the Virtual Connect there a no error or warning, and the corresponding dowlink port is up, where can I keep looking to fix the problem?.



Windows?, no thanks

Re: Integrity BL890c i4 server Some Nic Ports Down.

Hi ,


First, we need to iidentify whetherthe issue with VC or Physical port issue.


I work for HPE

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