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Integrity Console


We have an Rx8640 with OpenVMS. It has a serial console, and MP LAN. I can access it using the MP LAN, but there is no response from the serial console. Is there a setting or something I can try to use the serial console as well? The operating system is booted, and I can log into OpenVMS with no problems, but when I want to drop down to the efi shell there is not response.

The Brit
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Re: Integrity Console

I think that when the system is booted, there is no access to the efi shell, (could be wrong though).

You could try a Control/B. When you execute this on the console, it takes you back to the MP Menu.

Colin Butcher
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Re: Integrity Console

EFI shell is the equivalent of SRM on ALpha, so it's either EFI shell as the console environment, or VMS once you boot the OS.

should take you to the management processor interface (equivalent to MBM on a Marvel box).

You might want to check the primary and secondary console output settings in the EFI shell menus before you boot. They determine where console input and output is directed to. Take a careful look at the IA64 console descriptions and information in the installation guide.
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Re: Integrity Console

There are three consoles. MP, BMC, and EFI.

Four, if you count the POSSE stuff.

There can be several paths: VGA, serial, BMC, MP.

You generally get (only) one console with an HP Itanium box that will be booting VMS, and you almost certainly want it to be the MP path.

See the OpenVMS I64 V8.3-1H1 New Features and Release Notes manual for a description of this particular morass.

Also see this topic for various chords and key sequences:
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Re: Integrity Console

The console is "mirrored" between the serial and the LAN port. Since this system has an active and a standby MP, check if your serial connection goes to the active MP.

Hope this helps!

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