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Integrity server problem, shuts down

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Integrity server problem, shuts down

The Integrity rx2660 system has just shutdown on its own twice in the past week.  There is some problem with it.  The System Health and Internal Health LEDs were flashing amber or red.  The logs show:

BMC        *5   0x2057442171020090 FFFF0307D0020300  VOLTAGE_DEGRADES_TO_NON_RECOVERABLE

BMC        *7   0x20574421710200A0 D000A870D01120300  SHUTDOWN_OR_RESET_ON_SENSOR

Any ideas on what the issue could be?  If the power supply or CPU or motherboard need to be replaced?  Or if something can just be fixed without the need to replace components. 





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Re: Integrity server problem, shuts down

If you havent solved it yet, the error refers to power issues with CPU module 0.   That CPU could be bad; though I suppose you could try reseating it.   As a general rule, check your system firmware to see if it could be updated.


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