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Integrity v. pSeries

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Integrity v. pSeries

We are looking at different Enterprise UNIX HW options and was hoping someone could provide some clarification. We are looking at an rx4640 w/ 4 processors from the HP Integrity line. Are you familiar with the power5 line enough to know what system the rx4640 would equate to in the pSeries hardware? Please help! The rx4640 is rated at 92K TPM, but I can't find a similar rating for the p5 line.

What's the best way to compare the two server, if not TPM?

Please note: I am looking for referenced material not an opinion!


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Geoff Wild
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Re: Integrity v. pSeries

Interesting question...

As far as power5 lines, the entry I believe is the P520....

I found a couple of links of interest:

According to IBM, they use something called - rPerf for performance metrics:

Course, you can check the TPC:

Example, the tpcC for:

rx4640 is 161,217

Unfortunately, IBM only has it's higher pseries listed - 570 and 595...


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Re: Integrity v. pSeries

I was thinking maybe a p550 w/ 4 CPUs.
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Integrity v. pSeries

Shalom Nathan,

The server design, system bus and such is very different.

How to evaluate is based more on use. If you intend to run Oracle on it, then look for performance tests in that area.


Steven E Protter
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H.Merijn Brand (procura
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Re: Integrity v. pSeries

Does it realy matter in the end?

I have a p-series, and you don't want to know how often I have cursed and still do.
What a design. I am so very disappointed time after time after time with what IBM delivers.

OK, AIX 5.2 performs better than 4.3, but the integration of 64bit and 32bit environment is developers hell.
Everything is in the wrong place and nothing works at once.

This is of course my very subjective view, and I am looking at the machine from a developers eye.
If you leave the development to IBM or a third party, and have enough doe to pay these people to make it all "just work" (TM), then you might have a different opinion, but from where I stand, I'd rather have a HP-UX that performs half as good just to save me time, trouble and annoyance.

My humble opinion.

Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn
Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn
Alain Tesserot
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Re: Integrity v. pSeries

Both Integrity and pSeries servers perform well if configured correctly. No matter what platform you get if it is not setup right performance will suck.
Remember that your servers are as good as their admins.