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Itanium 1 CPU replacement program

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Itanium 1 CPU replacement program

Some time ago HP replaced the Itanium1 CPUs of i2000, rx4610 and rx9610 with C0 and C1 stepping due to an CPU error. Sadly, I can't find any whitepapers or any other mention of it any more, and even the CPU test tool that tells me if I have affected CPUs or not is gone.

Anyone knows where I might find the informations or a statement about these CPU replacements and the CPU test tool?

Ted Buis
Honored Contributor

Re: Itanium 1 CPU replacement program

From the HP customer letter of 9/16/02: "To ensure that HP can provide updated processors promptly once parts are available, it is important for orders to be placed for the kits as soon as possible. If you received this letter via mail from HP, please contact the HP Itanium Center of Expertise (ICOE) at 1-800-593-6631 to place an order for the number of processor update kits you require. Customers outside of the Americas should contact their local HP support office. When requesting updated processor kit please reference the â Merced Processor Updateâ ."
I have no idea of this offer is still valid, but I would suggest trying to place the
Mom 6